% man C++ (swivily)

The manC++ Project

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The Idea

Since the release and popularization of the C++ language by Bjarne Stroustrup, *NIX users have anxiously typed
% man c++,
% man iostream,
but to no avail. It has been ten years since the release of the latest ISO standard, and there are still no man pages!

The manC++ project attempts to mend this wound, though it is a difficult project to complete. The C++ standard library is made up of 50 standard headers (including the 18 standard C headers, so I guess that makes, what, 32?), each with one or more large classes to document.

With some mean persistance, and some help from whomever is willing to, this could be finished in as little as a month! It's unlikely, though (it will take at least a month to get this thing publicity), but still possible!

The Organization

The project will be split into 51 seperate man pages: One for each standard header, and a final one that summarizes all the standard headers so
% man c++
works. I have chosen this organization because each header indicates a logical block of related functions and classes, and I trust Bjarne and the ISO standard committee to make logical decisions about that.

As for the <c*> headers, they will be lists of references to the already well-documented C standard library.

All the pages will be placed in section 3xx of the manual, which is a specification of man3.

The Authors

Well, I suppose the main author is me, Luke Palmer. But anyone at all with good writing skills who is willing to help can be an author on this project and be listed at the bottom in the AUTHORS section. Bjarne Stroustrup is also a major author, as I quote from his book, The C++ Programming Language [Third Edition], a lot.

The Files

Go to http://sourceforge.net/projects/mancxx/ and download the latest version! It is likely that there will only be one version. Note you may have to come back later if all the pages haven't been finished.


To contribute to the manC++ project, email me( libxc at users.sourceforge.net ) with a groff -man source file, and your name and any other information that you would like included in the AUTHORS section. If you do not want to be included, that's fine too. If you see any corrections that need to be made, submit them through the bug tracker.